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Blues Masters

Learn Blues Guitar With The Ultimate Interactive iPad Music App

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    Blues Masters is a complete interactive education in the timeless art of the blues guitar! Learn authentic blues guitar licks from sixteen of the greatest blues guitar legends broken down from the familiar 12-bar blues form into six two-measure pieces. Learn each blues guitar piece separately and then combine them to create your own 12-bar Hot List solo, complete with backing tracks.

    The Blues Masters iPad music app is easy and fun for beginners but also includes more than 115 riffs for seasoned pros to learn blues guitar techniques, riffs and licks. This interactive music app even allows users to compare the approach of blues guitar legends like B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Duane Allman and Zakk Wylde on passages like the V-IV turnaround. Blues Masters is a must-have music app for anyone eager to learn the basics of blues guitar and explore how the legends build their solos.

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