National Guitar Museum Director Gives Blues Masters The Thumbs Up!

“The Blues Guitar app created by G-Men is so full of enjoyable and entertaining elements that it’s sure to inspire everyone who uses it to grab the nearest guitar and start playing! They’ve taken the age-old process of teaching guitar and infused it with stunning animation, sound, photos, and video. Anyone who already plays guitar will not be able to resist using the app to learn more, and those who don’t play will want to run out and find a guitar just to be part of the digital world that G-Men have built.”

“I’ve been writing about the guitar, and playing it, for more years than I care to count, but seeing their app made my jaw drop for the first time in a decade!”

HP Newquist - former Editor-in-Chief, GUITAR MagazineHP NEWQUIST

Former Editor-in-Chief, GUITAR Magazine

Executive Director, The National GUITAR Museum

Author, “The Way They Play” Guitar Series



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